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  • Hoopla XIX tips off August 5th in 


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ONG Hoopla XIX - August 5th & 6th, 2017

Oregon National Guard Hoopla is the premier 3-on-3 street basketball event in Oregon, and it is believed to be the 2nd largest event of its kind in the United States. The 19th edition of ONG Hoopla will be held August 5th & 6th in 2017, and upwards of 1,000 teams, 4,000 participants, 900 volunteers and thousands of spectators are anticipated.

Participants young and old, male and female, and of all skill levels compete in the shadows of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem. Some play in one favorite division, others play on multiple teams in several divisions, enhancing their HATER (Hoopa All-Time Efficiency Rating).

Friends, family, fun, and ball. It's all good. 

We hope you will join us at the grand-daddy of all Oregon 3-on-3 events this August!  REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, MAY 1st!

Hoopla Happenings

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Frequent Questions

  • When is the Official Registration Deadline? +

    ONG Hoopla's registration deadline will be Thursday, July 14 at midnight.

  • Can I Play on More than One Team? +

    You bet! Some of our more die-hard Hoopla players play on 3, 4 or more teams. A player can only play on one team in any one division, but playing on teams in different divisions is allowed.

  • How Many Games Will We Play? +

    Every team is guaranteed a minimum of four games; usually three during pool play on Saturday and at least one during our single-elimination bracket play on Sunday. Getting to play 5 or 6 games is not uncommon in Hoopla.
  • Are there Prizes for Winning My Division? +

    At Hoopla, the winners, runners-up and third place teams all get prizes.

    In addition, ONG Hoopla XVIII is awarding $5,250 in prize money purses to a few select elite adult divisions, as follows:

    $1,000 - Oregon National Guard Men's Open Division

    $1,000 - Oregon National Guard Women's Open Division

    $1,000 - Cascade Warehouse Men's 6'U D1 Division

    $500 - 6'2U D1 Division

    $600 - Men's D2 Division

    $400 - Men's D3 Division

    $500 - R&R General Contractors Family Competitive Division

    $250 - Country Financial Wheelchair Division

    Beyond all of that, Hoopla contest winners are awarded various prizes.

    And, last but not least, the winners of the four (4) USA Basketball 3x3 Qualifying Tournament Divisions at ONG Hoopla XVIII all will get the big prize of earning the right to go to Colorado Springs to compete in the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments.

  • In which Division Should We Play? +

    ONG Hoopla's divisions are broken down by age and competitive desire, not grade or by other means. So, for ONG Hoopla's youth divisions, teams should sign up according to their players' ages on 6/1/16.  To play in the 10U Girls Division, for examples, ALL players on a team must be 10 or less on 6/1/16.

    Teams can choose whether they want to play Competitive, designed for more advanced teams and greater competition, or Recreational, designed more for having fun and a great experience, divisions. ONG Hoopla does not change or move teams; these choices are purely up to the teams involved in the event.

  • Does Hoopla Really have an All-Time Player Rankings List? +

    Oregon National Guard Hoopla has developed a HATER (Hoopla All-Time Efficiency Rating) list, with points awarded for team success in the event. This prestigious list recognizes all ONG Hoopla players who ever played on teams that finished first or second in tournament play and ranks them based on those achievements.

    The process of unveiling the ONG Hoopla HATER list will commence on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.


  • When will Saturday Schedules be Posted? +

    Saturday Schedules for ONG Hoopla will be posted online by 5:00pm on Thursday before the tournament.

  • When will Sunday Brackets be Posted? +

    Sunday brackets will be posted by or about 10:00pm Saturday night.

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Posted April 29th, 1:16 pm

This is an amazing tournament happening once again this Winter. Mark your calendars and watch some great hoop!

Stay tuned, Oregon. The Capitol City Classic presented by Adidas Basketball has finalized it's BES...

Stay tuned, Oregon. 

The Capitol City Classic presented by Adidas Basketball has finalized it's BEST. FIELD. EVER.

Details coming soon!

2017 Capitol City Classic
December 18-19-20-21-22
Willamette University | Salem, OR
Posted April 22nd, 12:12 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the "Godfather" of Hoopla, the man-the myth-the legend, the incomparable JASON UNRUH (pictured below - photo taken just a couple of weeks ago)... Jason's passion, work ethic, team-building and vision have been the driving forces behind Hoopla, helping make it the premier 3x3 basketball tourney in Oregon and an event that is nationally respected...all of that pales in comparison, however, to the love he has for his family, friends and life... THANK YOU, Jason for all you do for Salem and more... ...

Posted April 21st, 2:03 pm

ONG Hoopla updated their profile picture.